Top Benefits of Lemon Water

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Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon Water

How I Started Drinking Water with Lemon Every Morning

Well I’m not gonna lie, I used to be a big coffee drinker, I would have my coffee every morning. I still love drinking organic coffee once in a while and I really like green tea as well, but I now found my new love, which is lemon water.  

How did I started with this idea? Well about a year ago, on a very cold winter day (in Canada), I woke up with  a very big cold. Usually when I had a cold, I did what most people would do, which is take over the counter medications, but on that particular day, I had nothing left at home and there was a big snow storm outside, but I had lots of lemons in my fridge.

Knowing the powerful benefits of lemons for cold and flu, I decided to make myself a warm cup of water and squeeze a lemon in it. I was actually really surprised of how awake I felt, and I didn’t even craved coffee at all. I continued drinking my water with lemon for the next couple days, and my cold was gone faster then I could imagine. I also find that it’s a better alternative to coffee. Since then I never stopped drinking it, and it is now a part of my morning routine. 🙂

Here are Some Top Benefits of Lemon Water

  • Lemons are immune boosting – We all know that lemons contains vitamin C and potassium which helps us fighting colds or diseases. Lemons are also very good to fight infections. They are antiviral and antibacterial. Warm water with lemon is now my favourite natural remedies for cold and flu. 
  • Digestive Aid – Lemons can help flush and clean the digestive system. Night time is the time that our body restore itself. When we wake up, we haven’t drank any water for a couple hours so it’s a good way to start the day. Drinking water with lemon first thing in the morning helps the body feel more awake and have more energy. It’s also great for treating acid reflux, indigestion and bloating. 
  • Liver Cleanser – Lemons are a good way to clean the liver. They are acidic in taste, but once in our body, they have an alkaline effect. Because of that, lemons have the ability to stimulate proper bile and proper acid production. 
  • Good for acne or skin issues – Lemons are good for the skin because they are high in antioxidants. They also help clean the blood, which is really important to have nice healthy skin. They are good for treating acne, wrinkles and acne scars. 
  • Weightloss Aid – They actually have the ability to help with hunger cravings. They contains  pectin fiber which make us feel less hungry so it’s a good weightloss aid.
  • Good for stress – Lemons help improve the mood and feeling of well-being, so because of that it’s good for stress and anxiety. It also has an awakening affect that makes us feel more awake, especially if we drink it first thing in the morning. I used to suffer from adrenal fatigue, and I noticed a difference when I switch from coffee to lemon water.

Lemon Water

How do I Make My Lemon Water

Very simple…

  • I squeeze half a lemon (preferably organic) in a glass.
  • I put either some warm water or room temperature water in the glass (just make sure it’s not boiling water because boiling water will kill most of the nutrients. 
  • Sometimes I put a tea spoon of honey, it really helps with the sour taste.


If you would like to learn more health benefits of drinking lemon water don’t forget to check my blog every week since I will post other articles about lemons. Take care :).

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