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What Makes Miessence Different

Fresh Products

Products are delivered to you fresh, within a short time of being made. They are made in a cold formulation to ensure that your products contains only fully potent living active ingredients.

Food Grade Certified Organic Products

No organic ingredient enters the production process before it has been certified organic and no product leaves without it passing all the quality control tests.

All the ingredients are free from synthetic chemical pesticides which have been proven hazardous to animals and people.

Read and learn more about the ingredients.

Carbon Negative Practices

We all know the effect of carbon emissions on the environment and climate change. Miessence use carbon negative practices which is a lot better for the planet.

All the products are send in recycled and biodegradable non leaching and non toxic materials. Miessence is also committed to going a step beyond 100% carbon neutral and going carbon negative by offsetting a further 10% beyond calculated emissions.

All the Miessence team is committed to recycling and are conscientious in the use of waste, recycled materials and electricity.

Learn more about how Miessence

takes its responsibility to the planet seriously.


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About Veronique

Hi, I'm Veronique. I'm passionate about organics, green-living, helping the environment and living a healthy lifestyle. I'm not a doctor or medical expert. I'm someone who used to be very sick and who was able to heal herself naturally. I'm an entrepreneur and a health and wellness advocate on a mission to share my healthy habits with others.