Organic Network Marketing Business

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Organic Network Marketing Business

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If you’re passionate about helping the environment, living a healthy lifestyle and improving your finances, then maybe an organic network marketing business is what you’re looking for. 

I always have been skeptic about the “network marketing” industry and asked myself, Is it legitimate and does it really work? I am sure you probably asked yourself the same question.  

Here is an honest opinion.

First of all, the answer is YES it is a legitimate way to build a business and secondly, YES you can build a great business and succeed in this industry, but I am not going to lie, it is not easy. 

In fact, most people tend to give up on this industry after a while. People who usually succeed are the ones who treat it like a real business, because it is a real business.

What Does it Takes to Succeed in a Business?

Hard work and consistency;

Time and patience;

More importantly, PASSION.

The truth is, if you’re truly passionate about something, you will work hard at it and if you’re patient, you will succeed overtime.

If you’re looking for a quick way to make more income, without putting in the effort, then this is probably not for you. 

But let’s be honest, when you’re really passionate about something, it doesn’t really feel like you’re even working.

Watch This Motivational Video About Finding Your Passion


My philosophy in life is that if you have a passion pursue it, don’t let all the negative thinking get in the way of you becoming what you really want to be.

This is your life and this is your story. 

I had a vision to write a blog in order to inspire people, but I once told myself that I could never write a blog in English because I’m French, but I did.

Once you found your true passion, nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. 

Everyday I’m saying to myself, if I can inspire only one person to improve their health and help the environment then it’s worth it. 

If you have this mindset and if you don’t give up, then overtime you will succeed in this industry. 

How I Found My Passion and The Perfect Company For Me?

All my life I’ve been passionate about helping the environment and I always wandered what can I do?

In the last few years, it started to hit me even more and I started to feel more helpless.

I noticed my backyard trees starting to die because of the effect of global warming, also our beautiful Canadian snowy winter changing in rain.

I remember how I felt like, a few years ago, when we got rain for Christmas instead of snow. It never happened before in my lifetime, so I knew in my heart that it was the result of climate change and that it was just going to get even worse.

kayak on lake

Here is a picture of me at one of my favourite spot in Canada that I go to every year.

Since 2015, I started to notice all the trees getting sick. 

(they were turning brown and didn’t look healthy). 

Trees and water

I took this picture at the same spot in 2016, in the middle of the summer after a big heat wave.

(As you can see there’s a lot more dead trees).

When you grew up in the woods close to nature, you notice these things

Climate change is real and it’s happening fast

Perhaps you resonate with this feeling, but to live in a small town in Canada, surrounded by trees and nature, I couldn’t stand the fact that our beautiful planet was becoming more and more polluted. I had to do something.

At the same time,  I was also suffering from fibromyalgia, trying to improve my health and heal myself naturally. I also lost my mother to cancer in 2006 when she was only 52.

After losing my mother, I started to do some research, read books, watch documentaries. I knew there had to be a better way to live healthy and improve our beautiful planet. 

In my research, I was shocked to find out about how many chemicals are in most conventional personal care products.

Here Are Some Important Facts:

We create the extinction of 50-100 species every single day.

About 2.5 million tonnes of 100,000 chemicals are released into the atmosphere each year. 

Studies shows that the average adult uses about 9 personal care products daily exposing them to 126 chemicals each day. 

90% of skin cosmetics have not been tested to see if they are safe.

I knew that I wanted to improve my health and do something to help the environment. I did many things to improve my health, changed my diet, stress management, detoxified my body, became a vegetarian and I’m happy to say that I do not suffer from fibromyalgia anymore like I used to.

While researching for ways to improve my health and help the environment,  I came across an organic network marketing business called Miessence.

Watch This Miessence Introduction Video

Miessence is a certified organic, skincare, haircare, body, nutrition and cosmetic product range. After trying their products, I truly fell in love with their purity and freshness.

The more I researched about Miessence, the more I was impressed by this company.

What attracted me to Miessence, compared to other organic companies, was it’s sustainability. Miessence truly cares for the planet and the environment.

Since 2006, Miessence engaged Greenfleet which is a non-profit organisation providing the service of planting trees.

On top of that, miessence use carbon negative practices which is a lot better for the environment.

They use premium renewable electricity. This is made possible through the support of their local energy provider by allowing them to offset 100% to wind energy. Forklifts and machinery run off this green renewable energy. They claim zero emissions from their manufacturing.

Learn More About Miessence Sustainability Here

Miessence also partners with the David Suzuki’s Foundation and B1G1. Money goes to environmental projects, also for those in poverty and health deficient communities.

In addition, Miessence is certified organic to FOOD STANDARDS.

Yes you heard me, their products are so safe that you can eat them.

Equally important, they don’t contains chemicals that harms our beautiful planet or your health. 

If you’re passionate about improving your health, the environment, and help others do the same, then this might be a good opportunity for you.

I am looking to work with 4 individuals who are motivated to turn their passion for health and the environment into a sustainable business. 

Interested to start your organic business? Contact me to see if this is the right fit for you.

Want to learn more about Miessence’s Business Opportunity?

Click on the link below

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About Veronique

Veronique is an eco geek who's passionate about organics, green-living, helping the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle. She spent years researching on ways to improve her health and help the environment. Her goal is to educate and inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. She's on a mission to share her healthy organic habits with others.

6 Responses

  1. Rebecca

    I love this!! So much good advice. Climate change I should kind of scary, and we’re doing such rotten things to the earth! It gets scarier when you have kids and start thinking about their future…

    You’re advice on persistence, consistency, and passion is spot on. Once I found a company that I could really get excited over, and s strategy that I could implement in small steps over time, then it was just a matter of sticking with it and now I’m earning a real, residual income. Woohoo!!

    • Veronique

      Thanks Rebecca, I think passion means everything. Once you’re really passionate about something you can’t really give up. Small steps over time means everything in the long run. The truth is anyone who works hard, is consistent and passionate about it can succeed in this industry overtime.

      I’m glad that you found your passion too and earning a residual income doing what you love, you really deserve it with your hard work 🙂

  2. Linda Thompson

    Hi Veronique!

    I love your blog! Very informative and down to earth! This business and these products are the best. I wish I have found Miessence 10 years ago, really! I love Miessence and all it stands for. My consistency needs to be worked on though, that’s for sure! Your blog hits the nail on the head in all ways, lady. I’m happy for you! Thank you!

    • Veronique

      Thank you Linda, I’m happy that I found Miessence too, the products are so better for the environment and our health. There would be a lot less pollution in the atmosphere if everyone would support a company like Miessence. I have the same problem with consistency, and I think everyone in this industry has this at some point. Glad that you found Miessence and happy success to you 🙂

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