Miessence Toothpaste Review, No Fluoride and No Artificial Ingredients

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Miessence Toothpaste Review


Miessence toothpaste has been one of my favourite toothpaste since a few years. I love it because it has no fluoride and no synthetic preservatives, so I don’t have to worry if I accidentally swallow it. 

Like most people, I used to brush my teeth with conventional toothpaste, not really paying attention of the ingredients in my toothpaste.

Since I’ve been on a journey to detox my skincare products and avoid chemicals, I started to be more conscious about the ingredients in my toothpaste.

The truth is that most conventional toothpastes contains fluoride and many other synthetic preservatives that really can impact our health.

First of all, we don’t really need fluoride in order to be healthy. In fact, no fluoride deficiency disease has ever been documented for humans.

Equally important is that fluoride is already being added to our water so do we really need it in our toothpaste?

Since the 80s numerous studies have identified that adults and children are actually exceeding the agreed limits of fluoride consumption. This is contributing to a rapid rise in dental fluorosis which is the the first sign of fluoride toxicity.

Dental fluorosis is actually really common and is caused by ingestion of excessive fluoride which really damage the enamel. Source

There is also studies that have linked fluoride and cancer. In fact, reported in the medical literature, there’s more then 50 studies that have examined the potential link between fluoride levels and cancer. Source

Also did you know that only active ingredients are required to be listed on the package since toothpaste is regulated like a drug because of therapeutic claims like fighting tartar.

Here Are Some Common Conventional Toothpaste Ingredients

  • Triclosan – Is an anti-bacterial agent that has been linked to hormone disruption and is also considered a toxin to wildlife.



  • Fluoride – Fluoride toxicity has been linked to cancer in some studies and can also cause dental fluorosis. 

Miessence Toothpaste Review

I love Miessence toothpaste because it is : 

  • Free of fluoride,
  • Has no synthetic preservatives,
  • Is certified organic to food grade standard,
  • Made with aloe vera and baking soda which is really beneficial for whitening our teeth, 
  • Contain essential oils.

When I used conventional toothpaste, I used to suffer from bleeding gums and I noticed a huge improvement since switching to natural.

My favourite Miessence toothpaste is the Mint toothpaste. 


Here are the ingredients

  • certified organic aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • Non-GMO Xanthan Gum
  • sea salt
  • certified organic spearmint essential oil
  • certified organic peppermint essential oil
  • stevia rebaudiana extract
  • certified organic cinnamon leaf essential oil
  • certified organic clove bud essential oil


Erin E

Before I started using Miessence mint toothpaste I was someone who had receeding gums. Then one day I tried the Miessence mint toothpaste and after several months of use, I notices that my gums were no longer receeding.



Just to let you know how thrilled I am with your Mint toothpaste which I purchased with my recent order. Within two days my gums had turned a healthy pink from a dark red colour and my teeth feel so clean too. I had been using a well known sensitive toothpaste but so far have no gum problems with your Mint toothpaste. I have a yeast allergy, multi food intolerance, and dust and chemical intolerance, so I was very pleased to read about your products a few years ago. I am gradually adding more of your products to my collection.


I love and am astonished at the effectiveness of this toothpaste (Miessence Mint Toothpaste)! I have sensitive teeth and was using the commercial supermarket brands for sensitive teeth – I thought they were helping with the symptoms. How wrong I was! Within one week of switching to Miessence toothpaste my teeth were desensitised ten-fold, it turns out the expensive toxic toothpastes I had been using were useless. And I love how much whiter my teeth have become, too. Please don’t be shy about the taste – it only takes a couple weeks for your tastebuds to change – converting my husband is the perfect testament to that!

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