Miessence Products Review

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Miessence Products Review

My Miessence Products Review

A while ago, I was searching for the perfect company because I wanted to work from home doing something that I’m truly passionate about. I knew that I was passionate about organic products and health, but I couldn’t seem to find a company that was a good fit for me.  

During my research, I found out about an Australian company called Miessence. I wanted to try their products before becoming a representative, because I didn’t want be part of a company that I didn’t truly believe in the products. This is truly an honest review from what I learned using their products. 

Here is What Convince Me to Try Their Products

  • Their products are certified organic to food standard.
  • They use Organic Aloe Vera as their base instead of tap water.
  • They use cold processing so their products are always fresh.
  • Their products are hand made fresh monthly.
  • They are 100% active formula. 

Purifying Cleanser, Conditioner and Moisturiser

Miessence Products

These are the first products that I tried. I started using these products on my face in the morning and the evening. I was suffering from cystic acne at that time. For the first two days, I did experience some dryness at first, but after just a few days, using these products, I noticed that my skin felt more soft, the acne and redness was going away and the dryness started to go away as well.

I am now using these products everyday on my face, and my skin is still improving. I am so impress with the products that I think I’m gonna use them for the rest of my life because my skin really loves it.

Sunflower Body Wash

Miessence Products Review

I used to wash my body with Organic Castile Soap. Even tho I loved Castile Soap, I did experience some acne on my back while using it. Once I started using the  Sunflower Body Wash, I noticed that my back acne started going away.

The smell is also amazing, and it feels great putting something on my skin that I know is organic to food grade standard. I always have a rule that I don’t put anything on my skin that I cannot eat, and I find that Miessence products are safer for my body and they really nourish my skin with some amazing ingredients as well.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Miessence Products 1Miessence

Before using Miessence, I was using a shampoo and conditioner that was labelled as Organic, but once I look at the ingredients on the back, a lot of them were synthetic chemicals. I wanted a safer alternative so I decided to try the Desert Flower Shampoo and the Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner from Miessence.

At first I didn’t think the products were working because my hair felt dryer and it felt kinda weird, but after a while I realised that my hair was going through a detox from all the years of chemicals build up from other conventional products.  

I did experience a detox for the first 3 weeks. During the detox period, my hair felt a little dry, and it was harder to detangle, but I’m glad that I continued using it, because my hair is now healthier and longer. I was also suffering from psoriasis since

I was young and by surprise, my psoriasis is now completely gone, and I find that my hair gets less oily. I don’t have to wash it as often as before. I feel like my hair is now healthy like it used to be when I was a kid. 

Mint Toothpaste

Miessence toothpaste

Another product that I tried was the Mint Toothpaste. At that time I was suffering from teeth enamel erosion and bleeding gums for a while.

After using the toothpaste for about a month, I noticed that my teeth felt healthier and my gums started bleeding less. I also love the taste of this toothpaste, and my breath always feels fresh for hours after brushing my teeth with it. 

Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist

Miessence Products Review 1

This is really one of my favourite Miessence products. It’s now part of my morning routine. After I wash my face, I just spray it twice on my face and my skin feels amazing.

What I like to most about this product is the Rose smell. It feels so relaxing in the morning and it’s a good way to wake up and reduce stress as well. If you wear makeup, you can also use it as a setting spray after applying your makeup. 

Ancient Spice Deodorant

Ancient Spice Deodorant

I’m very active and I do a lot of sports, because of that I tend to sweat a lot. I’ve been trying for a long time to find a safer organic deodorant that really works for me and this one really works.

The smell is also amazing. I apply it once in the morning and even tho I sweat a lot during the day, I find that I don’t have to re-apply it again (compared to other conventional deodorant).

It’s also a safer alternative because it doesn’t contain Aluminium or any synthetic fragrance. Thumbs up for this product.

After I tried all these products, I was really impressed about this company, and I decided to become a representative. If you want to learn more about Miessence or see more Miessence products review, don’t forget to check my blog posts every week. To learn more about Miessence you can click on the link below to check their website. :).

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