How to Live a More Ethical Life

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In my blog post last week, I gave you some simple ways to reduce your carbon footprintToday I am going to talk about how to live a more ethical life.

Think about it, if you really want to do something to help the environment, you need to live more ethically. 

What does living ethically mean?

Living ethically is about making decisions for daily life which take into account ethics and moral values, particularly with regard to sustainability, environmentalism, wildlife and animal welfare. Source. 

In other words, it’s thinking about the impact of our choices and actions on the environment and on others. 

Choosing to live more ethically can really help the environment. 

Want to learn how to live a more ethical life? Keep reading below. 

Reduce your Meat Consumption or Become a Vegan

By reducing your meat consumption, it will not only improve your health, but it will also help the environment since the meat industry is a major contribution to global warming. 

Every year more and more land are used to grow food, not for us to eat, but to feed all these animals. Consequently, more trees are cut down and it really has a negative impact on the environment. 

Even better then reducing your meat consumption, there are also major advantages of becoming a vegan for your health and for the environment. 


Bring Your Own Bags When Shopping or Doing Groceries

Bringing your own reusable bags can really reduce plastic pollution. In fact, plastic bags tend to disrupt the environment in various ways.

First of all, plastic bags are made with petroleum, which is a finite resource, that we will probably run out of in the near future.

Secondly, did you know that they often end up in the oceans and fish and animals end up eating them, choking and dying. For these reasons, reducing your plastic bags consumption can really help the environment. 

Finally, there are so many better ways to carry your stuff without using plastic bags. You can easily buy reusable bags, wash them and they will last a very long time. 

Purchase Fair Trade Products

What is fair trade certified products? Companies that are fair trade certified are better for the environment and for their employees for various reasons: 

  • These companies uses sustainable practices;
  • They have safer working conditions without any child labour;
  • They pay a fair wage to their employees;
  • Their products are made in an ethical way with less harm to the environment. 

Supporting fair trade certified companies is a good way to live a more ethical lifestyle. 

Pick Up Trash On The Grown Outside

There will always be people who leave trash on the grown. Even tho we don’t have to power over other’s decisions, we do have to power to do something to help the environment. 

Everytime I see trash on the grown outside, I try my best to clean it up. If we leave all the trash outside without picking it up, it can really be harmful for animals and for our beautiful planet. 

Picking up the trash outside, is another great way to live more ethically. 

Recycle and Buy Reusable Glass Containers Instead of Plastic

Using glass jars and containers instead of plastic is a good way to live more ethically and here is why: 

  • They are easier to clean then plastic containers;
  • With glass containers, no chemicals can leach into your food;
  • Using glass reduces landfill waste so it’s better for the environment; 
  • Up to 80% of recycled glass can be reclaimed;
  • They last longer then plastic containers. 

So these were some simple tips on how to live a more ethical life. What are your ways to live more ethically?

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How to Live a More Ethical Life
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