How to Improve Your Teeth for Better Health

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How to Improve Your Teeth for Better Health

Miessence Oral Care

Your smile is one of the first thing people see of you and did you know that there’s more bacteria in your mouth than people on earth?

Oral problems can really affect your overall health, in fact, most health issues starts in the mouth and have been linked to many health conditions, even some heart diseases.

That’s why it is important to take care of your mouth to prevent any health problems. 

You want to keep good bacteria in your mouth, but get rid of the bad ones. 

Want to know some tips on how to improve your teeth? Then keep reading further. 

Oil Pulling

I was introduced to oil pulling a few months ago from a friend of mine who always have a beautiful white smile.

She told me that oil pulling was her favourite method to keep her teeth healthy.

Before trying it, I was having bleeding gums on a regular basis and my teeth were really yellow.

After trying it for a few weeks, I saw a major improvement in my oral health and people started to notice my white smile.

Surprisingly, even my acne started to improve, which I didn’t expect. 

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy where oil is swished in the mouth (like a mouth wash) for about 15-20 minutes. 

Doing this with a good quality oil is supposed to help get rid of bad bacteria and improve your oral health. 

Oil Pulling Benefits

  • Help with gums issues and gingivitis;
  • Prevents cavities;
  • Whitens your teeth;
  • Can help with skin issues (acne, eczema);
  • Remove bad bacteria from your teeth;
  • Help with tooth pain;
  • Can help clear out your sinuses;
  • Can help with bad breath. 

How do I Oil Pull? 

I personally like to do this method first thing in the morning when I wake up and before eating.

My favourite oil to use for this method is coconut oil, but I also used sesame oil with good results as well. 

I take approximately 1 table spoon of coconut oil and I swish it in my mouth for about 15 minutes. It is important to spit the oil, preferably in a trash can, since the oil can thicken and block your sink.

You want to make sure that you spit the oil, since you don’t want to swallow bad bacteria. Also, make sure you buy a good quality organic, unrefined and cold pressed coconut oil. 

Use an Organic Toothpaste and Floss Daily

First of all, did you know that most conventional toothpaste contains a lot of chemicals in them?

What’s even worse is that regulations suggest that only active ingredients are required to be listed on the package, so pretty often, not all the ingredients are even listed. 

Some toxic ingredients to avoid are triclosan and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS or SLES). Source

Brushing your teeth on a daily basis with chemicals can really affect your overall health. How to avoid this? My best advice is to do your research before buying from a company. 

Make sure that the company use sustainable practices and look for any organic certification. 

Even more important then brushing your teeth, is flossing daily because it helps remove  harmful bacteria that can harm you in the long run. 

Best Organic Toothpastes

The best organic toothpastes out there are those who are certified organic and food grade, which means they are so safe that you can eat them. If you end up swallowing a bit, of course, it’s not going to harm you. 

Miessence Toothpaste

Their toothpaste are free of artificial colours, flavourings and without fluoride, aluminium or detergents, all Miessence toothpastes contain only natural and certified organic ingredients. 

I really love their mint and anise toothpaste. 



Living Libations Oral Care

I love Living Libations oral care products, specially their clay toothpaste.  

The purifying power of pyrophyllite clay has been proven to help remove toxins from the mouth.

Equally important, is that compelling clay-care for teeth and gums requires only a tiny amount on a toothbrush so the product will last you a very long time.

Their products are made with essential oils. If you think about it, essential oils have been proven throughout the years to combat bad bacteria and improve overall oral health. 

Brushing your teeth with a toothpaste containing essential oils is a good way to prevent any gum disease. Healthy Teeth and Gums

Have an Healthy Diet

Finally, as you probably know, we are what we eat. If you want a beautiful smile, then you have to take care of what you put inside your body. Learn more here

Here are some healthy tips:

  • Try to avoid processed food;
  • Avoid dairy;
  • Try to limit gluten;
  • Avoid processed sugar;
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Use powerful herbs like chlorella, spirulina, turmeric or ginger. 

Want to Learn More on How to Improve Your Teeth? I Really Recommend This Guide.

Holistic Dental Care by Nadine Artemis

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