15 Tips on How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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15 Tips on How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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Like many people, I used to overconsume, always buy a lot of stuff that I didn’t even used and didn’t really think about my impact on the environment. 

Since I’ve been a journey to improve my health with a healthy plant based diet and really learning about my impact on the environment, I started making more conscious choices and try to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Tips on How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle 


1. Reduce Your Waste

Simple ways to reduce your waste

  • Bring your own reusable bags when shopping;
  • Reduce your plastic consumption; 
  • Use a wooden toothbrush instead of plastic;
  • Use a reusable water bottle;
  • Bring your own reusable coffee mug;
  • Buy reusable glass containers instead of plastic;
  • Use cloth napkins;
  • Choose to use a reusable menstrual cup;
  • Use reusable straws instead of plastic ones.

Visit Life Without Plastic to Learn More About Plastic-Free Alternatives


2. Buy Your Clothes Second Hand

Advantages of buying second hand

  • It helps reduce textile waste;
  • It’s better for the environment;
  • It’s less expensive so you save money;
  • Benefits your local community. 


3. Support Ethical Fashion Brands

Here is why ethical fashion brands are more sustainable then fast fashion

  • They use less chemicals;
  • They use sustainable practices;
  • Their clothes last longer and are made of better quality;
  • For them it’s quality over quantity; 
  • Clothes are made in a traditional way;
  • They are less harmful to the environment.


4. Shop Less and Only Buy What You Really Need

Advantages of shopping less

  • You save money;
  • You’re making a good impact in the world;
  • Your home looks more clean and less crowded with stuff;
  • You appreciate more what you have instead of thinking of what you don’t have;
  • You’re influencing people to live a more sustainable ”less materialistic” lifestyle by owning less.


5. Buy Non Toxic Personal Care Products

  • Read the ingredients on your products before buying;
  • Support eco-friendly companies;
  • Choose certified organic products when you can.

Read Why Organic is Important

Why Organic


6. Reduce Your Meat Consumption or Become a Vegan

Advantages of reducing your meat consumption or becoming a vegan

  • Reducing your meat consumption can improve your health;
  • It helps save the animals while helping the environment at the same time;
  • There’s less animal cruelty when you support Vegan companies;
  • It helps reduce your carbon footprint.


7. Buy Your Food in Bulk When Possible

  • Buying in bulk helps you save money;
  • It helps reduce your waste and make a good impact on the environment;
  • You don’t run out of foods as often.


8. Shop locally, Support Your Local Farmers Market

  • Local foods often often have less pesticides;
  • Foods in season are more fresh and tastes better;
  • It helps to reduce your carbon footprint since the foods travel less to get to you;
  • It’s good for your local economy;
  • It helps to create a local community. 


9. Grow a Garden

Growing a garden has many advantages.

Not only that the foods you grow are in season and always fresh, they often contain less pesticides, are non GMO’s and are much healthier for you.

This also helps to reduce your grocery’s bill and make a good impact on the environment.

We need to go back to a simpler lifestyle, before most people used to grow their own food.

If you’re not able to grow a garden where you live, there are many options available.

You can grow many foods and herbs in containers indoors and outdoors. 


10. Go paperless

Opt in to receive your billing statements online instead of paper in the mail.

Reducing your paper consumption can save many trees and really help the environment. 


11. Install Solar Panels on Your Home

Advantages of installing solar panels

  • It helps reduce your electricity bills;
  • It’s renewable energy;
  • It has low maintenance costs. 


12. Cut Your Energy Use By Buying a Smaller Home

Advantages of buying a smaller home

  • It’s less expensive so you can pay your mortgage faster;
  • In a smaller home, you get the “cozy” feeling of a small house;
  • You have less cleaning to do and more free time for yourself;
  • You use less energy, so it’s better for the environment;
  • Smaller homes are easily  modifiable to green energy (like solar) then bigger homes. 


13. Plant Trees While You Search The Web

Did you know that you can plant trees while surfing the web?

Ecosia is a web search engine (similar to google) where they use the profit they make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed to most.

It’s free to install, you can simply add Ecosia to your web browser and start planting trees.

I’ve been using Ecosia for a while and I love it. 

To learn more visit their website Ecosia


14. Choose Your Transportation Wisely

  • Share a drive with friends;
  • Use your bike more often;
  • Walk more and travel less;
  • Take your local transit;
  • Make all your purchases at the same time;
  • Try to avoid routes with most traffic. 


15. If You Have a Blog, You Can Choose a Green Hosting Company

Did you know that studies shows that by 2020 the website hosting industry will surpass the airline industry in environmental pollution?

Most website hosting servers produces 1390 pounds of CO2 each year and there are millions of servers worldwide.

Choosing an eco-friendly hosting company for your blog is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. 

My favourite eco-friendly hosting company is GreenGeeks.

To Learn More Visit GreenGeeks Here

These were some tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

There are so many things we can do to help the environment.

We don’t have to be perfect, sometimes even small changes can really make a big difference. 

Do you have any other tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle?


Veronique 🙂 

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