Welcome to My Organic Habits

Are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and learning tips on how you can naturally improve your health?

Are you someone who want to help the environment by helping your health at the same time?

Are you genuinely passionate about organic products and try to stay away from chemicals to keep you and your family safe?

Are you interested in creating your dream lifestyle by making a difference?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this website is for you.

My name is Veronique and I am the creator of My Organic Habits.  

I’m also a fibromyalgia survivor, an entrepreneur and a health and wellness advocate on a mission to share my healthy habits with others.  

After been sick with fibromyalgia, for years I’ve researched for ways to naturally improve my health and heal myself.

In my research I was shocked to find out about how many chemicals were in most conventional skin care products.

Did you know that the average adult uses  about 9 personal care products daily exposing them to 126 chemicals everyday?

Yeah I know it’s scary…

This is why my passion for organics, improving my health and the environment  inspired me to become part of the solution.

Let me introduce you to the world’s first (food grade) certified organic skincare, haircare, body, nutrition and cosmetic product range that inspired me to switch all my products to organics.

My goal on this website is to help you change your bad daily habits into healthy ones so you can  live healthier and incorporate safe organic healthy products in your life without chemicals.

Here are some things you’ll learn on this website


You’ll learn about

Some wonderful organic products

Products reviews

Health and wellness tips

The power of healthy foods on your health

How to manage stress

Healthy recipes

and a lot more…



This blog is based on my own personal opinions and research which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only.

I’m not a health care professional. All the information found on this website are not intended to replace proper medical advice.

Always consult a qualified health care provider before embarking on a health or supplement plan.

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